Simple sanitation/sorting function for javascript

I recently posted a StackOverflow answer I thought I would share on my blog. Full code is included in the included JSFiddle

Finally bit the bullet and added some projects to github!

Well, I added quite a few projects at the suggestion of an interviewer, and thought I'd post them for all to see!

Here's some links and quick descriptions.

A simple Breakout game made using AndEngine for Android

Love Doctor
A silly little app to tell you how a date or relationship is going

Blog, oh yeah! I got one of those. AKA Intro to VLSI Design Part 1

I know what you're thinking, "Didn't you say that you were going to blog all the time to become a better computer engineer? I remember hearing something in regards to a blog post a day?"

4 bit ALU with MIT's 0.25micron technology kit

The following is a report summarizing the first project for ECE4500 digital electronics at Western Michigan University.

Images for layouts and schematics follow at the end of the report.


The purpose of this project is to design an ALU to perform certain operations with signed 2’s complement 4 bit numbers. The ALU uses an 8-1 MUX in order to select the output according to a 3-bit control signal S0-S2. The inputs are A0-A3 and B0-B3. The outputs are F0-F3.

Androidiophile – Blurring the line between MP3 player and mobile phone


Codecademy, a new website for teaching basic programming

I recently came across a pretty cool website via Reddit called Codecademy, a website designed to introduce programming in a social, experiential way.

It currently has very basic courses in Javascript with simple console commands leading into slightly more complex multiline programming.

The site currently has the option of adding new content as a teacher. You have to give a brief course description, along with a short biography of yourself.

I plan on writing all sorts of blog articles on this website, some of the articles will deal with projects I've made or currently working on, others will be about my school, others will be me writing lame comments about other peoples blogs.

Dr. StrangePosts or: How I learned to stop worrying and love the blog

I know, I know, A blog? Really? You can't find something more productive to do with your time other than blogging about your boring mundane life that nobody cares about?

Money Never Sleeps, and Most Likely Neither Do Stocks

Earlier in the summer, I decided to give myself a small little project to sharpen my C# skills. I set out to create a program that, provided an individual stock symbol (i.e. McDonalds MCD, Apple APPL, & Microsoft MSFT), the program would show the user an array of information on that particular stock. Although incredibly basic, I was happy with the results and knowledge I acquired from designing this program. Making the stock market program required me to learn how to use C# to access information updated in real time from an online source (Yahoo Finance was used).

Rotris, a game written for XNA 4.0

I wrote a small proof of concept for a game I came up with called Rotris.

The object of the game is to clear the game field and make as many matches as possible.

The game starts out with a colored game field in the game window.

The user can press left and right to move the block back and forth, up and down to rotate the game field, and spacebar to drop the block.

The code and the executable are available at the following link:

Rotris, a simple proof of concept in XNA Game Studio


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